big fat art dump

so this summer has been full of me desperately trying to draw as much as i can before school starts again
and this is me desperately trying to waste time on a post rather than do my summer homework (◡‿◡✿)...

anyways uh so i kinda got myself into a shitton of fandoms again, with the biggest being homestuck! the characters are cute and i drew a shitton of fanart of them, so i think maybe i'll have to just stick them in an entirely separate post....

so yes here is a misc. dump and then a homestuck dump coming up later!




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aahh biggest art dump yet! and still more coming up lol lol lol someone stop me i need help.


so does anyone remember me or..


yes well i am working on a massive art dump right now SIGH what am i even doing here after such a long time.. orz

oh hey art dump

er yeah i haven't been around lately OOPS

i have ap tests coming up that i really should be studying for but i am feeling just miserable and unwilling to do anything ever. so i'm gonna sit around and make a huge update post to make up for being so inactive hurr...
mostly they're just sketches i've been doing in class (i got a new moleskine sketchbook! *v*), because i am obviously a model student. but there are some completed pictures, including that one wip i kept posting :'D


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weeping omg the first/third preview pics made me realize that all my drawings have tragic sameface syndrome ;A; /needs to practice drawing different faces
anyways i'll be adding a to-do list to my masterlist post in a bit, with stuff ordered from top priority to lowest priority. it's mostly for me to put things down and in order, but if anyone's interested it will be up in a bit~~

guys i'm not dead

i know i kind of dropped off the face of livejournal for a bit, sorryyyy! /)__(\

i've been really busy with school and internship/scholarship applications, plus i kind of owe a lot of art to people. i usually don't post here unless i have a huge dump of art or if i'm updating something.. since i kind of don't like doing personal posts. they take too long and i get bored lol;;

and i haven't been commenting/talking with you guys alfksjldk i'll try to catch up with that soon ;__;~
if you want to follow what i've been up to, i have:
  • twitter - i mostly just complain about schoolwork i'm doing lol;;;;; but i'm usually lurking around there and will reply if you tweet me~
  • tumblr - idk if you guys would want to even bother with this one since 90% of it is me reblogging fandom stuff (mostly sengoku basara, durarara!!, pokemon, sometimes kpop). also some other stupid things i find amusing. but sometimes i'll post random doodles or rl updates~
  • msn, aim, skype - i'm usually never online for these since i'm usually busy and get easily distracted by people talking to me.. but if you still want to add me, ask! out of all of them, i'm on msn most often (usually appearing offline haha)
s-so how have you all been? e________e~~

many many things to say

SO... i recently got into durarara!! (OTL OTL OTL another fandom??).
there's a light novel and a manga and an anime for the series, but i've only just finished the anime and read some of the manga. i guess it's a bit manry with all the action and drama and curvy girls, but after watching gurren lagann and sengoku basara, nothing seems too manry anymore, LOL.

ANYWAYS, there was this one quote from episode 2(ish?) that really kind of struck me, and i thought i would like to share it with you guys. even though most of you are from kpop fandom and probably aren't too interested in this stuff, but still~
the world isn't as cruel as you take it to be.

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i think that's it. is that it?? if anyone actually went and read through this entire thing, i am in awe e__e
OH wait i was going to post an update on that pic i'm working on so that i feel like i'm actually doing something productive with this post HUR HUR

click for fullview

messing around with painter 11 and having much fun so far! *0* but i haven't tried lineless in a while. it's hard OTL

dumping left right and center

guys my grades are so horrible right now omg omg omg ;_;. i have like a C in both ap chem and apush. and it's like junior year, when your grades actually matter OTL!!! what am i gonna do..


actually i guess it's kind of my own fault because i've gone like my whole life without bothering to study. for anything. i just never got into the habit because it was easy to get straight A's without having to put in extra effort, but now i am being slaughtered in all my ap classes 8____________8 WHY AM I LIKE THIS?

my falling grades might also have something to do with the fact that i am always doodling in those classes... well idk, i honestly feel like i don't learn anything when i pay attention, either. or maybe i'm just dumb 6__9.

anyways that's not the point of this post, i was just gonna come dump stuff here but i guess i got carried away because i ALWAYS TALK TOO MUCH.

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cries i have so much homework to get to "orz

[comic: super junior] i'm a free bitch, baby - p.11

>> aronnax 's i'm a free bitch, baby.

i'm a free bitch, baby. (comic ver.)
["gen, bandfic, ninja qmi because I can
Han Geng files a lawsuit, and it's the end of the world."

this one is kind of short sdlfkjds sorry ;__;

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AWW YEAH, IT'S KIBUM! just in time for his (rumoured) comeback for 5jib :D he always gets the super-actiony scenes in this comic... huh;;
i also had no idea what a dalek was before i drew this. i was actually seriously about to draw a gigantic salt-shaker. luckily i went back to re-check the original fic and saw someone mention daleks in the comments e___e

also that poll i did before, asking you guys who you thought my bias was.... so funny hahahaha i guess i'll have to go ahead and give the answer later 8D;

[comic: super smash bros.] in writing a letter - ch.01 | title-p.05

so around 2-3 years ago i started another fancomic for a fire emblem/super smash bros. fanfic i fell in love with, but i ended up stopping after four pages (the last update was a little over a year ago).

and a couple of days ago i went back and looked at all the comics i started and ended up abandoning, AND I GOT REALLY NOSTALGIC. so i'm trying to get them started back up... i still draw slow as hell though, lol :|

right, so i'm going to go ahead and dump this here. all the old pages + one that i finished a couple days ago (drawn in class hahahaha this is what i do in chem)

>> radish_lily's in writing a letter.

in writing a letter. (comic ver.) // ch. 01 | in which a blizzard rages
marth/roy | m | au
["it all started with a blizzard and a few carefully chosen words. toss in a hotheaded redhead and nagging advisers, the intervention of higher powers, and a faction of rebels, and you have a recipe for disaster... even without his amnesia."]

the title page/first four pages are so old and ugly omg /)/////(\
these are downsized juuuuuuust a little bit. a really tiny bit so that it won't stretch my layout. there's not much of a difference but if you want to see the full size you can read the comic here.

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lol the dramatic style change. i can't wait to draw roy fffffffff

well okay i think i have enough junk on here to finally make a master post YAY \o/! this is going to be fun. procrastinating on schoolwork is.... fun.